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    Guaranteed Sell Program


    About Our Programs

    Your home sold in 120 days  Guaranteed   or We’ll buy it

    Steps To Success

    Our Guaranteed Sale Program begins with a full
    evaluation of your home by one of our expert listing
    agents. Our agents are trained to analyze market
    conditions, compare properties, and decipher
    neighborhood intangibles to determine the value
    of your home in today’s market.

    After agreeing on a suitable list price, The Ryan and Brian
    Team’s marketing machine kicks into high gear. We’ll
    create a listing for you with professional photographs,
    video walkthroughs, and state of the art virtual tours.
    Not only are our listings syndicated to thousands of
    websites, but The Ryan and Brian Team’s social media
    advertising campaigns will maximize exposure to your

    Once your listing goes live, it will instantly attract
    attention from interested buyers. Due to our aggressive
    marketing approach, plus our innovative and well known
    programs, buyers and buyer’s agents are excited and
    motivated to bring their clients to the homes we list.
    Pretty soon, the offers will start to roll in.

    The Ryan and Brian Team works to maximize every showing,
    aggressively obtain feedback on every showing, and utilize
    salesmanship and innovative programs like our Reverse
    Offer Method. We are very successful at generating solid
    offers from qualified buyers that equal or exceed the listing
    price. However, our sellers always have the 120-day Home
    Sale Guarantee as a potential back up plan.

    Immediate Buyout
    One of our investors or we will buy
    your home for CASH within 72 hours
    of seeing your home. No long sales
    process. No Gimmicks. You simply get
    an offer on your home that allows you
    to sell your home quickly and move on
    to your next home.

    Guaranteed Sale
    We guarantee the sale of your home
    within 120 days or we or one of our
    investors will purchase your home at
    the end of the listing agreement.

    Easy Exit Listing Agreement
    We can assure you, your last agent had
    you ‘locked in’ for the entire ‘expired
    listing’ experience. List your home with us,
    and if at any point you are not 100%
    satisfied with our services you have the
    freedom to terminate our agreement at
    any time.

    Communication Guarantee
    We have found out over the years that
    when we guarantee to communicate
    that it not only gives you (the seller)
    peace of mind, but keeps us
    accountable as your agent.
    It’s a win-win…

     ** Not all homes apply. Call for further details 


    I had a great experience with The Ryan and Brian Real Estate Team. Ryan’s expert advice made purchasing my first home a smooth and pleasant experience. He was always available to answer any questions that I had and was attentive to my needs. I would definitely recommend them.